Gap between day 1 CPT college starting date and ending unemployment days on STEM OPT


My friend was recently laid off from a startup. She is on STEM OPT and trying hard to get a job but hasn’t been able to secure any job yet. Her total unemployment days (OPT + STEM OPT) is almost lapsed (only 15 days remaining). She has applied to Day 1 CPT College. College is starting in August and her unemployment days will end around July 2nd.

My question is “Can she legally stay in the USA during this gap from July 2nd to the college starting date provided that she gets an admission letter and transfer her SEVIS record to the new college?”


As far as her SEVIS record is transferred within the 60 days grace period from the I-20 end date, she should be good. Her I-20 will deemed to be ended the day she crossed her 150 days of unemployment combined for post completion + STEM OPT and if that happens before the actual I-20 end date.
I recommend she talk to her current college DSO and take further guidance.

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