Gap between employments reduction in points after submitting EOI for Australia

Dear Anil,

I have a positive assessment from ACS for ANZSCO 263111 code as below.

Employment 1 : 3 years 10 months
Employment 2: Not Suitable - Not assessed due to document guidelines not met
Employment 3: 6 years 7 months
With above, have calculated my points and got 65, however when submitted EOI, it considered my points as 60 only and has categorized my experience below 8 years.
Did anyone face similar issues. Is there any email ID of skill select where I can communicate and ask the reason.

Have you entered all start and end dates of work experience correctly?

Yes I did mention the dates correctly. However, I did not add the employment 2 details when i submitted the EOI first, but later I updated those details and marked it as not relevant to the occupation.

Can you please tell me the breakdown of how you calculated your points as 65?
Skillselect calculates points based on what info you have provided. It doesn’t make any mistakes. You must have entered some dates/anything else wrongly.

Age 25
English 10
Work Experience Outside Australia 15(i have selected as atleast 8 years, based on above ACS assessment what I have mentioned)
Qualification 15
Partner Skills 5

Total is 70(In EOI I have not selected partner skills as my partners PTE exam is still not done, so as per above, deduct 5 points, then it would be 65)

But in EOI it has considered as below.

In that case, you must have done some minor mistake while filling your first and third employment details. Check AGAIN.

No mistakes seen. Have entered the employment in order now, but still the same.
Is there any relation between Australia study requirement and employment. For Australia study requirement i have selected NO.

As I have done my B.Tech from India and never been to Australia. For secondary education enrolment I have selected Yes, does this have impact.


No, it doesnt have any effect.

Have you marked the first and third employment as “yes” to that question “Is this employment related to the nominated occupation”?

Rest, I cant seem to find how and why skillselect is counting your exp less than 8 years if you have mentioned all the start/end dates correctly for both of your employment.

I have marked first and third employment as Yes. I just read in other post, Anil has said that
" EOI considers last 10 years from today’s date/ date of submission of EOI"

The 8 years experience has to be in the LAST 10 years from today’s date/Date of Submission of EOI
If above is true then in last 10 years I have a gap of approx 2 years 2 months.

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There you got your answer (I missed it too). Even in your EOI, its mentioned “overseas within the last 10 years” hence it automatically calculated 10 points with less than 8 years exp.

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