Gap in H4EAD causing 9 days of difference in old card

While in the process of submitting AOS documents, the lawyers found that I had a gap of 9 days in an old EAD card between expiry and start of the new card, and I did not notice this error on my card back then. I have held a valid h4 status all through. I work for myself (llc) and was not working that year (or drawing a salary). Other than providing receipt notices and valid h4 documents, what else can I provide to prove that period was accounted for?

I would just submit all I-797s with other documents. I dont think H4 need to submit EAD copy though if your attorney suggests so go ahead. If I were you I wont worry about the EAD gap and respond with any supporting documents only in case of an RFE.

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Thankyou! Our lawyers will be submitting copies of my EAD’s as well so I’ve given them receipt notices for the card with the 9 day gap on it. It says on that notice about the 180/540 day extension so I’m covered!