Gap in I94 for Dependents H4

H1 & H4 got approval till Aug 2020. In 2019 i changed company and got approved till Dec 2020 but they have not filed H4. i informed the attorney and they applied for h1 & h4 extension together in June 2020. we have got the extension till nov 2023 but I94 with starting date of Jan 2021 to Nov2023. so my h4 dependents have gap from aug 2020 to jan 2021. i informed this to my attorney but i was told not to worry because they filed the extension before Aug 2020. DO I have to worry anything about it. Now we got another extension and my dependents are going for visa stamping in India.

I agree with what your attorney said so I dont think there should be any concerns for the visa stamping.

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