GC Biometric & AP delay!

Hi Anil,

This is my second post regarding the same topic. We filed i485 AOS during the first week of Oct’22. Received all receipts. Receive i765 EAD card in 2 months.

There’s silence on GC biometric and no signs of AP. Everybody I know received biometric in 1 month. Is this okay and can we do anything about upgrading the situation ?

Our PD is June’11 and we already suffered processing delays during Covid. Everybody got GC from PD’14. We have not traveled to India for 3-4 years because of Covid and these kind of admin processing delays is further preventing our travel plans also.

Anything can be done about this ?


Write to your senator with exact same text you mentioned here and request for help. If their office end up contacting USCIS, you can expect to see further progress on your application.

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