Got 221G for H4 and it is still under administrative processing

My wife had attended VISA interview on 24th June 2019. That time VO asked couple of questions to her then asked for marriage certificate and then marriage photographs. I registered marriage 1st for marriage certificate and then I got married in function hall and it was like Marriage reception with family and friends.

When VO asked about photographs that time we shared only register marriage photographs which does not have any family members. Hence mi wife got 221G blue form - to submit whole scan copy of marriage album along with Passport. We submitted both on same day and still waiting for approval.

Any body can help me to understand how much time it will take to get passport back?

Hi @SunnyJo

It is currently taking anywhere between 7-40 working days to get the administration processing clearance for such cases.

I have already written about this kind of marriage step and then applying H4 visa.

US visa officers have been trained to see it as a fraud at first hand and then the onus to prove them wrong is on you. You should really not try to do this and file H4 visa after full marriage as per Indian customs.

Thanks Anil for the reply. It was not intentional. As per process I submitted marriage certificate and proof of photos we brought at the time of interview. But just to avoid confusion I thought to bring register marriage photos which is actual my marriage instead of marriage reception photos.

Hi @SunnyJo, may I know how much time it took to get your Visa approved ? I am in similar boat will help a lot of you could throw some light :slight_smile:

Hello Pruthvi,

It took 7 weeks for my wife to get VISA approved.


Sunny Jotrao

Hi Anil,
I appreared for H4 visa on 29th August 2019 and got a 221G green slip. The visa officer asked for couple documents which I submitted on 30th August 2019. Initially the status of the passport was “Your passport is with US Embassy” and for the past 7 business days it says “There is no status update available on your passport”. Do you know how long does it typically take and what are the usual outcomes.
I rescheduled my flight twice already and put it on hold for now. Any advice would certainly help.

Hi sunny we are facing same problem…we are having offical court marriage certificate & engagement pics of 100 people crowd.

But there’s no proof for fire marriage or mangalsutra pics in album.

Is it okay to send pics of with out fire or mangalsutra or we should wait until actually big wedding which gonna happen next month & to send all pics with mangalsutra for blue slip 221g asking wedding pics???

Is it okay to have one month submission delay of pics???pls help us out

Hi @uchitgandhi

If they have kept the passport, then usual time is 7-30 working days.

Hi Anil thank you for getting back to me. Today marks the 25th working day and haven’t got any update. I submitted my documents along with the passport so just wanted to confirm that is 30 days very likely or it could take longer too.

Hi @uchitgandhi

30 days is the usual time that i am seeing for similar cases. It could take longer too. Nobody can really say how much.

Hi Anil, it has been over 40 days days now. Listed below is the timeline and if you could provide any guidance it would be very much appreciated:

Mumbai consulate
27th August 2019: Biometrics
29th August 2019: Visa Stamping got 221G (Green slip)
30th August 2019: Documents submitted at VFS along with passport
03 September 2019: Case last updated date (Administrative Processing)
21 October 2019: Case last updated date (Still Administrative Processing)

Does this mean that I should hear back from them soon enough?

Hi @uchitgandhi

You should hear from consulate soon.

My wife recently attended H4 interview on Sep 25 2020 at the New Delhi consulate. We had a small marriage ceremony on Dec 30th 2019. Unfortunately I landed in India on the same day due to various reasons and marriage had to be done on the same day. Also she could not travel to US after marriage because of her work and Covid-19. We only registered our marriage on Sep 22nd. After extensive questioning by the VO(especially on my arrival date and marriage date and late registration) my wife got 221g blue slip asking for the following documents and passport returned:

  1. Complete I129 H1B petition
  2. Husband’s I485 EAD
  3. Wedding Album
  4. Dating Pics
  5. Chat conversations in 2015 since my wife mentioned to the VO that she has known me since then
    We submitted the documents on Sep 26th. It’s been almost a month now and the case is still in administrative processing.
    How long do you think it will take to hear back from consulate? Any idea she might have to attend another interview? If approved will she be asked to drop off her passport?

@Kris1990 how many days it took ?

Hi @anil_am22 I had visa interview on 1st March and VO asked to send an email with wedding photographs as I took only 3 photographs. I have dropped an email on the same day . Can you please let me know if you have seen any such cases . Passport is with them . How many days will it take ?

Mine took pretty long, about four months. It’s case by case. But since consulate has your passport, things should move fast for you I guess.

@pruthvi_gowda how much time it took for you ?

Kavya, in our case it took close to a month after submitting the photographs requested. Please send all the requested documents or else they will issue another 221g which will delay the process.

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