Got 221g for visa interview

Hi Folks,

I recently attended visa interview for stamping. I recently joined this organization and have approved H1B petition.
The consular officer asked few questions like below:

  1. your role and duties.
  2. What’s the relationship with the current employer.
  3. How many kids do you have? Why only 1 kid needs visa ( I explained he is us citizen).
  4. What was your status while he was born.
  5. Do you have any contract papers. ( I did not had contract with me, I gave the offer letter instead).
  6. Do you work at client location? ( I explained I work from another state as my previous client was based out of that state, new client has remote execution until the pandemic. So once the client calls back the employees, I will move to the client location)

The officer took my passport and offer letter and returned my 797.

She gave me pink slip and said we need to do additional processing on your case, so putting the application under Administrative Processing. You will hear soon from us. She did not ask for additional documents or anything else.

Has anyone faced similar situations? What could be be the worst case scenario here? I need to report back to US as soon as possible. What are my options here if my current application gets rejected/ denied ?

Really tuff situation.

My case is still under Administrative Processing. I have received email from Consular to submit few documents:

They have asked for

  1. Evidence of approved leave from your position for your current trip to home country and who approved the leave.
  2. current pay stubs
  3. evidence of agreement between my employer and client.
  4. Agreement of telework allowing me to work remotely from CA.

My client is based in Texas but the project is remote and I work from CA.

I have asked for client letter with client and they will provide it.

I am not sure what to submit for 1 and 4.

Has anyone faced any similar documents requested?

Did you receive an email after a month of receiving the pink slip?
I am trying to understand the processing time as I received pink slip too


Yes. I got an email asking for few documents. I have already submitted it. No response yet. Eagerly waiting for the response.

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What did they say you? Why they gave you pink slip?

So they asked me to submit the questionnaire and it will take weeks to months for processing. The questionnaire had employment and address history.