Govt, Application Form Fully Printing in 3 pages as Not 4


Request help on following two questions please:

  1. While printing Government Application Form for India Passport Renewal, the Application is getting fully printed in 3 Pages with somewhat small Font.

While Printing using the “Print Button” on Application as advised by the pop-up on Government site.without changing any parameter.

In this forum it is mentioned that the pages should be 4 or 5.

  1. The City of Birth in old/current passport is written as “CITY U,P.” - the Government Application Site does not allow “.” - so forced to write as “CITY UP” Wondering if a covering letter explaining site limitation should be sent along with application.

Any advise would be appreciated and will feel obliged.

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  1. Check your print settings.
  2. Expand it to Uttar Pradesh


Thanks for the reply; seeing this rather late - actually application already sent by default settings that come with the Print’ button (as was rather ‘scared’ to even change the size thinking that they might have already set those when the pop-up advised to use ‘Print’, and not control-P, or browser print).

Also, expanding UP to UttarPradesh will cause UttarPradesh to be printed twice as state is already selected by dropdown - the passport was from old days when one can write with hand on the application.

That said, these things are obvious and should not be really an issue.

What do you think please?

Best regards with thanks


Well since you have already send the application, all you can do now is wait. If they need anything from you, they will reach out to you.


Yes - you are correct.

By the way, even though it is Tatkal (SFO) - but the tracking on VFS says ‘invalid input’ - one of the descriptions of ‘invalid input’ per website is that application is not entered in VFS system.

In your wide experience - does it take more than 24 hours to enter the Tatkal application also in the system.

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Hi @krish9 did you receive your passport with application form printed in 3 pages? Even though the instructions say “sign on page 4” I only see 3 pages printed when using the print button on govt. application form, I tried different browsers and different systems.


Yes please - we got that