Green Card Process: EB1, EB2, EB3 - Questions & Answers

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Regarding the premium processing of I-140, has it been restarted already? I saw it is available from June 1st, just wanted to double check.

Also, once you file the I-140 and get approval, if your category is not current, does just that approval give you authorized stay in the country until it becomes current? Or you would need to have a valid visa until then?

Lastly, if you Get you’re PERM approved when your category is not current, but gets current again a couple months later (as it seems to happen for certain categories in October), will you be able to file in that moment or you get somehow stuck in the backlog?

Thanks in advance for your help @Anil.Gupta, there are too many moving parts and it’s difficult to understand the process…

Premium Processing is available for i140 at this time.

Please read the process given above for i140 and PERM process.

Anil - How are you doing? I have EB3 Approved with old employer and have upgraded to EB2 with the same employer. I have both EB3 and EB2 with old employer. Now I have moved to a new employer who has started my PERM process. Should I go with EB3 or EB2? My PD is MAY 2010.

Thank You for your help?