Green Card revoked on Re-Entry after 2+ year travels?

Hi! I have a green card since 2019. I quit my US job in January 2021 and spent the last two years traveling around Mexico and Spain. I did not work at all during those to years, I don’t have any foreign income, my only income comes from investments I have in the US (stocks and index funds) and I have payed all my taxes in the US since I left. I have no girlfriend or kids, and my money and bank accounts are all in the US. Since I did not give them any notice about my extended travel, and since I left my apartment in the US (i’m not renting any place at the moment there), will the custom agents revoke my green card when I re-entry the US because of the extended 2+ year travel? on the other hand, could it have been already revoked? or they need me to re-entry to verify my situation first? Thanks a mill! Daniel

They should not revoke it.

You can apply for re-entry using form i131 and if it gets approved, you should be able to travel normal.