Green Card timeline. PD current on Final Action. Significant Process Delays


We got our PERM approval last week. Such a relief.

Our PD is June, 2011. It has been Current on Final Action Date for a while now. (We got only 1 year H1B extension last time because of that)

Now, I have some questions.

  1. How long does it take to get GC when you are doing i485-i140 concurrent filing when final action date is current ?
  2. Does it help to do medicals with concurrent filing ?
  3. How does the H1B extension work after i485-i140 concurrent filing, just in case if it is needed for 1-2 months ?
  4. And, what is that news about utilizing GC numbers for FY2022 today from Reddy & Neumann ?

Thanks a lot!

Your PD date is still current.
File it as early as possible to get in the queue.

There is no fixed timeframe to get approval. You may get it in 2 months or 2 years. Nobody knows what speed they will achieve.

H1B extension will be given only for 1 year if date is current in final action chart.