Guideline for visa interview waiver 2024 for renewal of H1B


Is there a notice or guideline for visa interview waivers - dropbox in early 2024? My visa expired this month and extension is valid for 2023-2026. While filling out the visa appointment, it asks questions for an interview waiver and prompts the applicant to choose the OFC venue. There’s no specific detail on the visa confirmation page while selecting the date (Jan 2024). The application also mentions that you could drop the documents at any of the five embassies as H1Bs are currently being processed only in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Thank you!

Did you check Dropbox rules with the Dropbox app? The app uses the current rules and gives you the result.

NOTE: App has been developed by AM22Tech

Thanks Anil. The dropbox app is pretty cool. Shows a dropbox in my case for Jan 2024.

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