H-1B to H-4 Change Of Status Online Filing No Longer Allowed?

Is H-1B to H-4 COS no longer allowed to be filed online? The very first question on online i-539 application is “What is your current nonimmigrant status?” And it does not have the option to choose H-1B. Only H-1B1 which is different of course

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi I read the post before creating one. The post has the below

But the drop down for the very first question on the application “What is your current nonimmigrant status?” does not have an option to select H-1B as the current status. That is the reason I am posting here. So my question still remains. Is H-1B to H-4 COS no longer allowed to be filed online?

It seems they have removed that option. If there is no option, then the only way is to file the paper-based H4 application.

Thank you @anil_am22. Just to give a context, I was in H-4 with EAD, went to India in April 2021 and came back using H-4 visa stamping thats good until June 2023. My company applied for “new” H-1B in May 2021 as a “Change of status”, approved (with new paper I-94 attached to H-1B I-797) and moved to H-1B on Oct 1, 2021. But had to quit my job due to personal reasons a couple of weeks back. Going out of US and coming back is not an option. So filing for H-1B to H-4 COS. Hence a few questions

For Part 1, question 11 (“Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number”), it should be the I-94 number from my H-1B I-797 approval notice thats valid from Oct 1, 2021, correct? Even though question 10 (“Date of Last Arrival into the US”) is asking for date of arrival and I-94 CBP issued in April 2021 was under H-4 status.

For Part 2 question 3b (“New status and effective date of change”), it can be a past date, correct? Say H-1B job last date was 4/1, then new status date will be 4/2? Like I said, last date of my employment was 4/1

Husband’s last H-1B extension was applied in June 2020 and good till June 2023. It had to be amended in May 2021 (due to role change) and approved in Oct 2021. But it was amendment only without extension. So it’s valid through the same June 2023 date. So for Part 3 question 2b (“Provide USCIS receipt number”), I will have to give the latest amendment approval receipt (husband’s), correct? And answer for 3a should be “No”?

Attached screenshot of all the questions

Sorry for all the questions. I tried searching but couldn’t find anything matching my scenario (H-4 entry to new H-1B approval to now trying to go back to H-4 again) and spouse H-1B amendment on top of these.

Hope you can help/respond. Thanks in advance!

You cannot request the COS from back date. It has to be a current or future date as per my understanding.

Also, use the most recent i94 that you have which is paper i94.

For the questions where they are asking about last arrival, use the i94 number from the arrival history.

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Well, when filing using paper (which is the only option now), I could put that date as 4/2, sign it on 4/2 but mail it only today? Just curious, how will they differentiate that?

For I-94, NO - there arent 2 spots to enter the I-94 number. Only one spot. Hence the confusion on which I-94 to enter