H-1B visa dropbox with two I-797. Which one to use?

Hi All, I have a question regarding H-1B Stamping. My Latest I-797 is approved from March 2023 to March 2026. The H-1B dropbox appointment I have got is for December 2022 and I have booked it using my older I-797 which is valid till March 2023.

I wanted to know the following

  1. if I am going for visa stamping, which I-797 should I be using in my DS-160? The older only is only valid till March 2023. so, If i use it i will only get visa till march 2023?

  2. if I use the I-797 that is valid from March 2023 to March 2026, Will I be issued a H-1B visa that will allow me to enter back in USA before the March 2023 date?

if you have had a similar situation in the past, please provide your inputs

Thank you in advance

You can use current I-797 in DS-160 but also submit the copy of your newly approved extension of status based on which the CO may approve visa for 3 years starting the date of approval.

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