H-1B visa renewal 2nd time after arrest record , no conviction

Sharing my experience.

Find my below stamping time line.

DS-160 : updated about DV case and added note about having certified court letter and police report.

Went to Vietnam for stamping.

Appointment 9th April

Consular asked about general employer questions and about pay

Then asked about DV case and once I explained my case he asked about supporting court document and only gave court dismissal document.

Officer said he can’t approve Visa as the document need verification which is eventually show visa refused the next day in ceac site which is a 221g and since document is already submitted they won’t give any 221g form or slip.

Consular said it may take 3-4 days to approve your visa after verification and kept my passport with court document.

I waited for almost 10 days and Visa got approved and received the passport and travelled to US.

Visa appointment : April 09

Visa status April 10: No update

Visa status April 16: Refused under 221g

Visa status April 17: when sending email to

Passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com - No status update available

Visa status April 19: Consular officer approved your visa subject to final processing

Visa status April 23: Received email from consulate that visa is issued and passport sent to delivery center and same day I went to delivery center and collected passport

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I find myself in a similar situation, having been arrested for domestic violence but later having the charges dismissed by the court.

Could you please provide information about the letter of inadmissibility?
Additionally, do we require any other documentation from an attorney?
How detailed should our discussion with the visa officer be regarding this issue ?