H-1B visa renewal 2nd time after arrest record , no conviction

Hello, I was arrested under Domestic violence in 2018 in USA and the case was closed without any convictions , charges were dismissed and I travel back to India 6 months after that to renew my visa. Since it was an interview appointment, the VO asked for original certified court document and my visa was issued within 12 days of interview. The document was returned to me along with passport. I spend 4 and half years in USA on that stamping and further visa extensions.

Now I had to travel to India for emergency in May 2023 and attended Dropbox appointment for visa renewal. At the window the associate accepted all the documents but refused to take certified court document. She said we have standard set of documents which only we take.

Now my question is will this result into any kind of 221g to submit the certifIed court document which can lead to interview as well?

Since the Dropbox appointment was for me and my dependent wife, if any 221g is issued for interview, will she required to attend the interview as well?

Do they keep track of documents submitted for last visa stamping Like in my case it was in 2018 when I submitted original court order?

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This will result in 221g and they’ll call you for in person interview to verify the documents again.

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Thanks for the reply.
As of now visa status is showing as “Refused” but passports are witH embassy / consulate
Same status for h4 as well.

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I received the passports back with 221g with Slip mentioning Court records for arrest.

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I received the issue visa without interview.

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Hi Akash, you got the visa? after submitting arrest related docs

Also, while filling out DS-160 did you select “yes” in que 1 under Security & Background Part 2

  • Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?
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Yes, i got the visa issued in 3-4 days after document submission.

And yes I answered “yes” to that question in DS-160

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Hi Akash, Thanks for updating your visa experience.

In a similar situation, can you please let me know what you wrote in the DS-160 section? Like after selecting “yes”, did you describe incident with dates, location, charges, etc. or something like supporting documents attached?

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I mentioned following

“Charged with xxxx on date”
“Charges were dismissed on date”


Hi Akash, I am in the exact same situation and I’m so worried about any consequences that might occur. Could you please share your experience? I am on H1b now and got arrested for dv4 in WA recently. I am so worried about my paths to green card in the future and my H1b renewal and visa stamp. I am on my 2nd year of H1b now. The case was dismissed before the first court and no charge was filled. Could you please share your experience? How was your green card interview? Did you get your green card? I am really appreciated for your reply please. Thanks!

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@akash.raut can you please let me know how to contact you please ? Am exactly in your same situvation but planning for stamping (india travel) this summer

Your call or email will be a savior for me thanks a lot

Looking forward

you can ask here what exactly you need?

@akash.raut My DV (simple battery) was dismissed and have court order (motion to dismiss) signed by prosecutor , judge and it also states it ll be restricted (expunged)

My i797 is valid is until Feb 2026

When i visit india what all documents ill need for Visa Interview ? In addition to our usual I797, Employment Letter

Your help is much appreciated - Thanks Again !!

apart from normal/regular visa documents, please see if you can manage to get below documents for your case

  1. Certified court document - You should get it from the local court from where you get the order.
  2. Certified police report - This is being asked on demand to many such cases.
  3. If possible get a letter of inadmissibility from your lawyer. - This will avoid any admin processing delays.
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@akash.raut i have the court document already (Motion to dismiss) signed by judge and prosecutor along with diversion administrator

Ill check on police report also on attorney confirmation letter

Meanwhile one final question - is there any way they can deny visa or deny entry at POE ?

Only your post has been positive rest of all google posts are old or only scary which are not of recent

Thanks again !

Hello I would like to get more details on this case as I’m going thru the same right now… what is the best email that I can find for some guidance dealing with a dv3 ongoing case. I appreciate your reply


@sankeerth_r sangesh1987@gmail.com

Hi Akash

I’m on same boat, I have police report and dismissal certificate for dv case, but my attorney don’t kw about letter of inadmissibility.

Is there any format for that? If yes, can u share to raamnaath@gmail.com

Or is that something really necessary and VO asked for that in interview?

Akash, wil it be possible for you to get me your email id please