H-4 Dependent Visa Interview date - Feb 2021 in India

Hello Experts,
Could you please share if anyone has same concern as mine? I was trying to schedule an appointment for H4 and i see first available appointment date is on Feb 21st 2021!! Which shocked me and wondering is it real!! Please your views.

Any suggestions would be really appreciable!


That’s not real. All appointments are currently closed and the date you are seeing is just a placeholder date.

It will change pretty quickly when US embassy reopens appointments.

The dates will probably be more delayed as lot of people are waiting for an interview date at this time.

Thanks Anil!
However, shall i go ahead and take an appointment whichever available and change it later ?
What i am wondering is everyone saying its closed but why appointment portal is allowing to schedule interview ?

Is it good idea to take an appointment whichever it is showing ?
Appreciate your help


As per my information, you won’t be able to book even if you try.

As a said, its just a placeholder date. If you try to book, the system will throw an error.