H-4 EAD case and USCIS contact help

We had sent my H-4 extension application along with my spouse’s H1-B application. My H-4 extension got approved in April 2021.
We applied for my H-4 EAD separately in March 2021 and are yet to see any update except it was received by USCIS.
At the time of filing of the EAD, my H-4 was not approved but it got approved a month later. How does USCIS process the EAD in this case?
Also, we have tried contacting USCIS over phone, but the IVR would not get us to the agent to discuss my case. How do we connect to a USCIS officer?


You can do a expedite request for your EAD via Emma the chatbot of USCIS. Just google it…


Thanks Kalpesh! I tried looking and this is what i could gather for expediting through Emma.
After starting the chat → Type live agent and then click on technical difficulties. it will then ask you if you want to talk to an agent.
Is this correct? Could you please elaborate? thanks for your help.


Please refer the below link

You can generally request expedited processing by contacting the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY for the deaf, hard of hearing, or those having a speech disability: 1-800-767-1833) or by asking Emma after you have obtained a receipt notice. (You can access Emma by clicking on the Ask Emma icon on the top right of this page). The USCIS Contact Center will not be able to refer the expedite request to the appropriate office without a receipt number. When you call to request expedited processing, the USCIS Contact Center creates and forwards a service request to the office with jurisdiction over your application or petition.

After receiving the service request, the reviewing office may request additional documentation to support expedited processing. A decision on an expedite request is not an approval or a denial of the underlying benefit request. The expedite decision simply informs the requestor whether USCIS will take the benefit request out of date order and issue a decision (approval or denial) faster than the normal processing time.

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Sorry Kalpesh, i should have clarified. I was able to figure how to begin EMMA chat, i was rather trying to clarify on how to get her to agree to expedite since EMMA is a virtual bot. Any tips on that?

Below is the reasoning i was planning to provide. Could you please please suggest? thanks a bunch.
“I am currently working as a senior CPA for a company that operates in Healthcare space. I manage the entire financials including taxation, policy and internal controls of aggregation groups which is a network of large hospitals in USA.
For business continuity especially during the time of pandemic, I would request for the EAD to be renewed on time”

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I just talked to my co-worker who successfully made a request via Emma to expedite his and his wife’s AOS EAD/AP and received the combo card for his wife in mail last week (his is still under review) . It took about 7-10 days after expedite to get the EAD card. He basically requested live agent via Emma and then provided the details to the agent. The reason for expedite he provided was financial difficulties.

In your case if the reason can demonstrate ‘Severe financial loss to a company or person’, then I think USCIS may consider the case and approve.