H-4 Visa Stamping while H1B (Primary) changing Job

I have a situation over here. I am working in Company A with valid H-1B visa, till 2024. I am planning to switch company B and hopefully in next 15 days my Visa will transfer to CompanyB.
Now , my family is schedule to travel India in month of Sept for Visa Stamping. They all are on H-4. As I already filled DS-160, and took visa appointment , and all form contain detail of receipt which was generated via Company A.
Question : Will my family get Visa stamping done, if I dont opt for Visa Transfer and update Receipt Number generated via Company B, in CGI federal and DS-160 form?

@anil_am22 : any help on this question

Fill up a new DS160 for H4 and take it to the interview/dropbox.

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