H-4 Visa Stamping while H1B (Primary) changing Job

I have a situation over here. I am working in Company A with valid H-1B visa, till 2024. I am planning to switch company B and hopefully in next 15 days my Visa will transfer to CompanyB.
Now , my family is schedule to travel India in month of Sept for Visa Stamping. They all are on H-4. As I already filled DS-160, and took visa appointment , and all form contain detail of receipt which was generated via Company A.
Question : Will my family get Visa stamping done, if I dont opt for Visa Transfer and update Receipt Number generated via Company B, in CGI federal and DS-160 form?

@anil_am22 : any help on this question

Fill up a new DS160 for H4 and take it to the interview/dropbox.

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Thanks @anil_am22 for the revert, seems like I missed this conversation. Sorry about late revert.
I need one more help, Few days back myself (H1-B) and Family(H4) applied for Dropbox appointment, .Today my Visa status shows as Approved. However, for my dependents (Kids) , it says refused. I didn’t get any notification why it got refused. Any Suggestion what could be possible reason, and what should be my next step to get dependent Visa Approved?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @anil_am22 , any help on this topic.

Any suggestion on this?

Hi, @anil_am22 / others , Any help on this scenario, today I got email for passport collection email for my dependents while status shows Refused only.
I am going to collect passport for them, but meanwhile checking option and how to get there Visa Approve.?

Just would like to share an update and close this thread.
My kids got 221(g) yellow slip, its asking for primary applicant Visa copy. We provided the same and it approved and stamped within one week.
Just sharing incase someone need this information.