H1 approved but i797 not received

I got my h1 transfer approved in premium processing 16 days back. haven’t received i797 a till now.

uscis site shows this ‘case was approved and my decision was emailed’ . there was not date specifically on site. my attorney received an approval email. my visa interview is on November 11th.

  1. can I expect to receive i797 hard copy even after 2 weeks?
  2. is it safe to go visa interview without i797. what would be the consequences?
  3. can I call uscis customer center? and know the status on i797 hard copy?
  4. can I call or visit uscis regional office and get the status or USPS tracking number ?
  5. any suggestions. what I could do right now?

Hi @tejakv

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Hi @Anil.Gupta
Sorry. wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for letting me know. I corrected it

Hi @tejakv

Do not worry. The i797 copy takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive by USPS mail. Your employer’s attorney would receive it soon.

I do not suggest to attend interview without original i797. You may be issued form 221g admin processing if you do not have original i797.

Hi @tejakv ,
I’m in a similar situation. My H1B was approved on 9th October and USCIS site has the same message without any date mentioned. I have my visa appointment on 20th November. Did you receive the approval notice? If yes, how many days did it take? If no, did your attorney raise a service request?

Hi @Divya_A
I did receive my document. Its with my lawyer. my lawyer received on 5thday itself. Its delayed due to internal delay in lawyer office.
As it was the regular mail, there is no other way to find the status may be if your employer call uscis office. They might reply, Only after 30 days.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep following up with my attorney.

Dear Anil Gupta sir

Thanks in advance

Actually my H1B got approved 10 days back via premium processing but not received the physical copy of form i797.
It’s an emergency to receive form i797 in order to file H4 visa to my spouse as she is in India since 1year onwards

Please tell me as to what to do now in order to get my i797 form as early as possible.?

When did you receive your i797 hard copy?