H1 B to H4 stamping in Mexico - DS160 Person paying for trip?


My wife came to the USA from India on H1B.
After 7 years on H1B, she moved to H4 and currently working in H4-EAD.
In the meantime, the I-140 applied by the previous employer, has been revoked and was revoked after we received the H4 approval.

We are planning to go to Mexico to stamp her H4 visa.

My questions are :-

  1. Is she eligible for stamping of H4 visa in Mexico ?
  2. In DS-160 form, what should be the answer for “Are you applying for the same type of visa ?” ( Yes or no)
  3. In DS-160 form, what should be the answer for “Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?” ( yes or no )
  4. In DS-160 form , should we put the details for “Primary occupation and present employer” ? ( as she is currently working on H4-EAD)
  5. In DS-160 form, Peson paying for your trip , We have put “Spouse”, is it okay ?


Hi @ash

You should be able to get H1B to H4 visa stamp in Mexico..

Don’t forget to take Mexico FMM card when you enter Mexico.

Many people go to Ciudad Juarez US Embassy in Mexico as you can get appointment faster there.

Your visa type is NOT same. So she should answer ‘No’ on DS160.

Yes, immigrant petition has been filed on her behalf and she should give her i140 details.

Primary occupation and present employer details should be given as per current employer.

Person paying for your trip can be spouse or self.

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So, in the ‘Travel Information’ section of my wife’s H4 DS-160, below are the questions:

  1. Purpose of Trip to USA
    my answer :- Temporary Worker (H)
  2. Specify
    my answer: Spouse of an H ( H4)
  3. Principal Applicant Information
    3.a. Surname
    my answer:- MY ( H1B ) surname
    3.b Given names
    my answer: My ( H1B ) given name
    3.c. Application Receipt/Petition Number
    my answer: My ( H1B) 797 receipt number

I also did not find any place to put/specify my wife’s H4 receipt number anywhere in the DS-160.
Is that correct ?


Hi @ash

I do not remember each step and question for DS160 by heart. If there was no question to enter receipt number, then there is no need to worry.