H1-B Visa Interview date showing Feb 2021 in India


I completed my bio-metrics on the 18th of March 2020. However my interview was cancelled. 2 days later the CGI portal shows that the next available appointment date is Feb 21st 2021. I have not tried re-scheduling.
My questions are:

  1. Any idea what other dates are showing up for other candidates?
  2. Any idea what is the tentative wait period?
  3. The CGI portal does not give me the option to schedule an emergency appointment for some reason. This was available to me prior to my bio-metrics but the button does not show up any more.
  4. Any idea, if the date of Feb 21st 2021 is showing up ( as a system generated date) because my IVR validity is till Feb 19th 2021.

Thank You.

I think the interview dates in India are just showing up something in future. If you will really try to book that date in feb 2021, the system will not let you book it either.

That’s because there is no fixed date for re-opening the appointments at this time.

You should just wait and let this Coronavirus emergency and closures slow down. My guess is that US embassy will provide an update around mid-April 2020.

Once they share any update, i will update this page:

Thank You Anil, for your prompt response. I will write to you if I have any further question or inform you if I see any movement here in Calcutta.

Hello Anil,

Hope you are doing well. Earlier, I had written to you that they had posted a date of Feb 21st 2021 as the ‘earliest available interview date’ in the UStraveldocs website.

That date moved today to Feb 22nd 2021.

My questions:

  1. Are there other people like me who need to appear for an interview in India , who are also seeing such dates far out?
  2. If so , can you throw some light on what these new dates are.
  3. Do you know if they are planning on opening up any time soon, since they are not conducting interviews for GC cases (per your earlier post today)


There is no official information as to when the interview dates will open again.

My post about GC interviews is for USCIS in USA and not US embassy. The green card interviews by US embassy have not been skipped.

Hello Anil,
I hope you’re pink of your health, remain safe and unscathed from the COVID19 global fatality.
I am a student waiting to go to US for study in the Fall-2020. I am also bit worried about the dates because my classes will start in August. I thank you for sharing some valuable information about the US visa appointment dates displayed in CGI site.
I would be grateful if you kindly help me with one information as mentioned below:
If I understood you correctly, there’s a chance that the dates are displayed currently in the site might get refreshed/customized with a nearby dates after the embassy resumes to work.
But in the meantime, can I submit the application or take the appointment date to avoid rush?? Is there any possibility, when the embassy opens up, the date I booked might get forwarded to a closer date??
Thank you

Hi Dana,
I am also seeing the dates in CGI site of American consulate in Kolkata as 24 Feb 2021.

The online system is showing only the random dates.

If you go ahead with booking an appointment, it won’t let you book at all.