H1 Dropbox status "Refused" after 14days

I dropped my Passport in Chennai VFS and after 14days on CEAC status shows “Refused”. I have not received any email for next steps. What are the possible reason’s the status change to Refused and when they ask for additional documents, do i need to physically go to submit the documents or they provide any online portal to upload the documents?

My H4 dependents have Dropbox next week, will it be any problem as my case changed to “Refused”, or it’s ok to proceed with H4 dropbox.

Can someone help how to contact Chennai consulate to get more updates on my case.
Appreciate for your suggestions.


There is no way to contact embassy. Even if you email them, you will get standard response.

Just wait for the case to progress itself. They will email you if they need more documents.

You can go ahead with H4 dropbox as planned.

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Thank you Anil for your quick response.

Hi Anil,

So far no email update for any additional documents. In CEAC status shows “Refused” only, but in VISA scheduling site it shows they couriered my Passport, i am guessing they might be sending without VISA and adding a letter for next steps. Can you help me, am i thinking correctly.

This visa “Refused” means i am falling under 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) which is a big concern.


Sunil - My case is very similar to yours. Can you please let me know the following?

  1. Did your wife go for H4 without your visa approval copy?
  2. What happened to your 221G?

For me they asked for interview and biometric, it took 1 week to get my approved visa-passport.
For dependents also they sent a letter to come for interview and biometric. Now a days chances are more they sent 221G letter and ask to come for interview, don’t be panic it just a process they have started that’s what my experience.

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@sunilkumar How long did it take for the visa scheduling page to update that the passport was couriered? I had selected pickup as the option for document delivery and I haven’t received any communication or update regarding the same. The status tracker shows my application as “REFUSED” but there has been no other communication. I am unsure when I should be going for the pick up to the VAC.

Hi @ikPWZaJyWDrwx

My case chabged to Refused today, did you received the passport with 221g slip? If so could you please provide the timeline and what are next steps?

Thanks in advance