H1 Maxout - should i change to b2 or leave country (Perm Pending)

Dear Attorneys ,

My H1 is maxing out in Aug 2022 and Perm was filled in March 2022.
With current speed it does not look like ,PERM/I-140 will get approved before November 2022 ,Considering Attorney’s time to prepare docs and all.
Is it advised to go on B2 and wait in US for 3-4 months or leave the country.
FYI - I already used vacation time recapture and my employer is not in favour to leave country ,They are saying to stay and wait here.But sitting idle for 4 months is really challenging.Pls advise.

ANyone pls reply if anyone has any idea or exp on this situation.

Leaving the country amd coming back after AC21 extension is approved based on approved I-140 is the preferred route.

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Thanks Kalpesh ,But my employer is not supporting to leave the country,His concern is client wont wait till so long.Is there any harm or any impact if we do cos from h1 to b1/b2 and then b1/b2 to h1 after I-140 approvals.

Thanks Anil ,read this many times.But it varies from case to case.This is just a generic info buddy.

It takes too long to get COS approved and you wont be able to work anyways on B2 so whats the point?

Thanks Kalpesh ,As per employer point is if I leave country ,It would be hard to come back because of stamping issues ,But here we can do COS or withdraw B2 application once i-140 comes.