H1 to H4 COS based on spouse H1 which is expiring soon

Hello all,

Bit tricky / complicated situation hence seeking help. Appreciate response and assistance

Current status :

PersonA on H-1B with I-140 approved
PersonA’s spouse is on H-1B with PERM approved (Current H-1B expiring Sep-2022. H-1B extension will be raised based on I-140 soon)
PersonA would be filing for H4 COS (6-8 months processing time, which goes beyond spouses H-1B expiry date)

Question :

  1. If spouse’s company files for H-1B extension in August (2-4 months processing time) what would happen to H4 COS application if old H-1B has expired and extension is pending ?

  2. Will it automatically be bridged with new H-1B application and wait for its decision before a decision is made on H4 COS ?

Response highly appreciated

H4 COS application will keep processing and won’t be approved till H1B is approved.

Answered above.

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