H1 transfer when h4 pending with USCI

I’m currently working for employer A applied for H1B extension (PP) got approved (for 3 years) Also, applied for my dependents H4 extension still pending got receipt on August 12 2022

  1. Now I’m trying to change my employer, will this affect my dependent current H4 extension?

  2. If I transfer to employer B should I transfer my wife’s H4 as well? Will this help my dependents stays in status with the new receipt number if my current employer revoke my h1b then they may get rfe or denied .

Please respond I’ll appreciate your help

Thank you

I recommend filing H4 along with an H1B transfer. It is not required but safe given that USCIS sometimes denies the pending H4 if the old employer withdraws the H1B (after you have left).

Thank you for your reply

Should be no issue. You may send the newly approved copy of H1B I-797 to the USCIS service center processing the H4.

You can either do the above or file another extension of status with your H1B transfer.

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Thank you for the reply