H1B - 221g Additional Administrative Process with white slip - Chennai

Hi All, I would like to give my H1B case in this forum to get your thoughts and suggestions
My Dropbox Timeline
20th Oct 23 - Drop off Hyderabad (For Chennai)
26th Oct 23 - Case Created
31st Oct 23 - Application Received 1
03rd Nov 23 - Application Received 2
04th Nov 23 - Refused
11th Dec 23 - Received Passport along with 221g (white slip) for in person interview
18th Dec 23 - Attended Interview at Chennai (submitted all the documents which VO asked) and VO gave 221g (white slip) along with passport and submitted documents for additional administrative process
19th Feb 24 - Employer got mail from USCIS and replied with in 3 days, till date no updates (nearly 110 day of interview)

Interview part:
VO: What is your company is doing?
VO: Do you have any end client?
VO: What is your role in the project?
VO: What is your salary?
VO: Where is your company located in USA?

VO asked me to submit all the docs I have.
I submitted everything (I-797, I-129, LCA, Offer Letter, Client Letter, Purchase Order etc…).
VO then told me to wait in the lobby until called and VO also said it will take a while.
I was waited for 1 hour then VO called me and said - we need more time to process your case and hence I am issuing 221g Additional Administrative Process with a white slip.
VO returned all my documents that I shared earlier along with my passport.
VO also said nothing expected from me and the process might take a month or 3 months and all I have to do is wait.

My question is how many days will it take to change the status after replying to USCIS from employer

Thanks in advance

Hi @anil_am22
Any thoughts on my case, as employer/client got mail from USIS on 19th Feb 2024 to clarify few questions and they replied with two days, till now there is no update on this


There is no fixed time frame. It depends on what USCIS had asked and the criticality of the documents asked from employer.

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Hi Anil, here are the details for which client replied
Client got mail in 3rd week of Feb 2024 from USCIS to clarify the few questions - Agreement between employer and client, nature of work, project details (starting and ending date), location of the employee
Client replied to USCIS within 3 days of mail received from USCIS
It has been 60 days completed, still I didn’t get mail from Chennai consulate or status not changed.


Hi Friends, anyone got a mail to submit passport after 180 days of interview with white slip at Chennai consulate, please let me know