H1B - 221g(Blue slip) - Chennai - Passport submitted waiting for 1 month

Hi All,

I got 221G blue slip (your application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete) during my Visa interview in June and after 5 months of waiting, the passport was collected for stamping on November 6th. As of today the passport is not issued and till now it says no update available for the passport number submitted when checked the status in passport tracking site.

Do you know how long does it take to get the passport and how do I know the current status of my passport?
What does it mean if the passport status shows,“no update available for the passport number submitted”?

Hi @melango1972

What was asked in form 221g blue slip to submit?

No documents was asked in the form 221g and on July 10th the client got a verification email about my job description and project duration.

Client had responded to the email to the query from consulate, based on the confirmation from my employer.

On November 6th, Chennai HL sent out an email to submit the passport (including my dependent) in one of the VAC in Chennai, India

Hi @melango1972

It is strange that your visa stamping is taking such long time. I suggest to send an email to US embassy and ask for status update.

Your passport should have been stamped by now.

Hi Anil,

I have already sent out an email to support-indai@ ustraveldocs.com and the employer sent out an email to Chennai HL asking the status but both got standard response that my case is still in AP.

Had a very hard time since the whole family got stuck here in India.

I can understand but unfortunately, there is not other way to know what’s going on with your application.

Usually, the passport is only requested when they are ready to stamp passport.