H1B 60 day rule with Severance Pay: Doubt

@anil_am22 : Anil Sir - need your expert opinion -

In a layoff situation ( H1B ), around 45 th day the person filed H4 thinking that they will not get any job offer but on their 50th day of 60 days grace period , they got offer and H1B transfer was also filed within 60 days.
Now what happens to the pending H4 and pending H1B , how to handle this scenario? since H1B transfer was filed within 60 days , is it required to go out of country to Canada or India in case of 1st time H1B stamping and withdraw the pending H4 or not required to go out of the country for stamping as H1B was filed within 60 days ?

I would suggest withdrawing H4 by sending a letter to USCIS and explaining that H1B transfer was initiated and you intend to maintain your H1B status.

As you filed H1B transfer within the grace period, assuming your H1B is approved with I-94, you dont need to leave the US.

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