H1b amendment denied but extension approved for new client location

Hi Anil,
Could you please suggest here.
I am planning to travel India on Jan 2020, please suggest, is it safe travel or not. Also i will go for stamping as well.
Please find my details.
March 2018 - Amendment filed for location B (I94 valid till January 2019)
October 2018 - Extension filed for location B
January 2019 - Amendment RFE received
March 2019 - Amendment RFE responded
July 2019 - Extension RFE responded with premium processing and approval received (validity till November 2021).
October 2019 - Amendment upgraded to premium processing and denied.
If i go for stamping, will there be any issue?

Hi @Learner_Fast

The chances are high for issue in H1B stamping.

The USCIS rule says that any application that has been approved based on previous amendment or transfer, which now is denied, can be denied too.

This means that USCIS may deny your extention too now. There is no official rule that I know of, which says they will revoke the approved extention or not within a specific timeframe.

The thing is that they may not even revoke it at all.

So, its kind of gray area. My suggestion is to avoid travel if you can.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for quick response. As per visa interview waiver check list, i am eligible for drop box facility.

In case my visa rejected post using dropbox facility, what are the options for me?

I have approved I140 with my current employer. Just want to explore before taking risk. It’s my sister’s marriage.
If visa gets rejected, what are the options for me?

You can apply for H1b visa stamp again after denial.

Or you can file another H1B extention or transfer.

You won’t be able to return to US until you get the H1B vida approved.

Thank you Anil for suggestion.

@Learner_Fast Could you please let us know your experience in stamping. Whether any problem happened? or what question they asked. I am in same situation.

Hi Rishi -

Please do let me know what happened on your case? were you able to got stamped without issues? My amendment is got denied but extension was approved before amendment.