H1B amendment missing


Asking for a family member

I got H1B from India in 2021 and came too the USA in 2022 June. my employer is based in Illinois and I got a remote job in GA. My employer changed my paystubs to file taxes in ga. I requested to file amendment of client to GA and my employer confirmed that he did file an amendment in 2023 Jan.

My h1 is up for extension this October and just now my employer called and said he actually missed applying my amendment in Jan 2023 and now submitting H1B extension + amendment to Georgia. I am furious but helpless as I trusted his words.

What are my chances of getting my extension approved? What other options do I have?

Please help as I am running out of time.

Chances of approval will depend on how USCIS officer looks and interprets the situation.

You can only hope for the best.