H1b and H4 Visa Stamping in Mexico and Canada

We have a valid visa stamped on our passport only till May 2023,My H1, and dependents H4 visa renewal is in progress; we are planning to travel to India from US next summer’2023, (June,July) If I go there I will have to get a new visa stamp before I come to USA ,and It is challenging to find Visa Stamping appointments in India. we will be eligible for Interview waiver/Drop box.

I live in Texas, it will be easy to go to Mexico and get Visa stamp… My question, Does Mexico and Canada accepting Visa stamping appointments now a days? how many days it take to get the passport once i handed over to them for stamping, i mean overall how many does it required? How sooner we can get an appointment, which website i have to schedule an appointment?

Any inputs on this matter getting the visa stamp outside of india will be much helpful.

Thanks to AM22Tech forum, you guys always helpful and sharing thoughts on immigration matter.

The visa availability changes every day. You have to start the process and then look into the real appointment times in India/Canada or Mexico.

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