H1B and H4 visa stamping through dropbox eligibility


We are applying for H1B and H4 Visa stamping, in the TravelDocs website (CGI) I am applying for whole family.
Principle applicant (H1B) Spouse (h4) Chile (H4) 8 years old. We all 3 had L1B blanket and L2 visa stamping in our passports that got expired in 2018.
I checked the Dropbox eligibility through your website app and it showed we all 3 are eligible.
These being the scenario, the CGI website asking a question in Principle applicant profile H4 are added as dependents “Do you have a previous U.S. visa in any class issued on or after your 14th birthday?”

  1. My child does not meet this criteria, so do I need to take a separate appointment for her alone or this question always applies to the principle applicant and move on with answer Yes?
  2. If I do that then the Document I need to submit for my Child is “Copy of Parents Valid stamping”, how can we meet this criteria if we all 3 are going for the stamping at same time?

The dropbox eligibility should be evaluated for each person separately.

If anyone in the group is not eligible, then they need to book appointment separately.