H1B application filing date appears as Jul 1 instead of Jun 30


Fed ex delivered H1B documents on June 30 (Jun 30 was the deadline). Even though documents were postmarked on Jun 24th, because of Fed ex delays it reached on 30th Jun.
However, in the receipt notice, received date (filing date) appears as July 1 (next day of delivery date). Do i need to raise this concern to get the date corrected, or is that fine ?

Thank you.

I dont think there is any action to be taken for this from your end.

When they review the application, I don’t want them to think that documents were delivered after the deadline (by seeing received date). So i was thinking if we somehow convey the message (by contacting uscis) that received date is not correct, it would be better.

Okay maybe I missed but when you say deadline, for what? Your I-94 expired on June 30th? If yes why would one wait till so late for submitting extension of status?
You can contact USCIS and talk to an agent but I dont think that will change the facts. I personally think because it was delivered on June 30th, you may be fine.

It is for 1st time H1B application submission deadline (i94 is not expired). Documents were sent and postmarked on 24th itself but because of fed ex delay, it got delivered on the 30th.