H1b appointment booked, but now need H1B and H4 visa stamping both, separate appointment needed?


I was initially planning to go alone for H1B visa appointment (not dropbox eligible) and have submitted my DS-160 and scheduled appointment.
Now there is change in plan and my spouse also plans to go with me. So, here are couple of questions i had:

  1. I will need to update my DS-160 and add dependents, correct ? Or can I just fill up a new DS-160 with dependent information and take the corrected one with me for OFC and Interview and let them know the corrected DS-160 confirmation number. My concern is if i fill up new DS 160 and try to book appointment with new DS-160#. I may loose my current appointment slot for September.

  2. Do i need single OFC and Interview appointments for H1 and H4, or separate ?


I don’t think the USA visa booking website allows adding a dependent once an appointment has been booked.

You will probably need to cancel and rebook if you want a group appointment.
Or book a separate appointment for your dependent.

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