H1B Approval with I-94 and Consulate Name -COE

@anil_am22 , @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

My H1B COE is approved. In the approval email they mentioned I-94 along with consulate/ port of entry notified. Also mentioned that they will send I-797 but not indicated whether its I-797A or I-797B.

Could you please confirm whether I need to go for stamping to start working or can i start working directly?

@anil_am22 , Could you please suggest. Based on your suggestion i need to take action.

Could you please suggest

Did you reach out to the employer/attorney managing the case for clarity on I797A/B? If not, you should do that. Type of approval notice will decide the next course of action. You will have to patiently wait until then.

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