H1B approved before RFE response filing


I have approved I-140 and applied for 7th year extension with regular processing . I received RFE on 06/15/20 and shared the required documents with attorneys for review. However my petition got approved on 08/10 before we file the RFE response and the actual response was filed on 08/25/20. Now the status changed from ‘Case Approved’ to ‘USCIS Received correspondence and reviewing it’.

Does anyone had similar issues in the past? What should be my next step on this? I was worried whether USCIS will change its decision and any quick suggestions would much appreciated.

Did anything happen after you sent the RFE response? Usually, your approval stays valid.

Hi Anil, thanks for the response. My petition status in the uscis site changed from ‘Case Approved’ to ‘Correspondence received and USCIS is reviewing’ after. filing the response.

However, I received my Original Approval notice few weeks back. But the status still has not changed.

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Hi Raj,

I am also in the same boat. H1B got approved before rfe and I got approval notice. Later company responded to old rfe and Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received. What happened to your case after responding to rfe.


Hi Jinson, Attorneys reached out to USCIS and got the response that ‘RFE was issued by mistake and no further action is required’. My application status in uscis site stills shows that ‘Response is received and uscis is reviewing it’ , however my wife’s h4 petition approved after that. Anyway pls reach out to Attorneys and request them to submit a case enquiry.

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Thank you so much Raj for quick response