H1B approved but change of status denied

I got approval for H1B but COS (H4 to H1) denied in 2017 since I went to Canada for a day trip on road (unknowingly about the risk) in Oct 2017. The employer never came across the similar cases so refused to help. The other employers worried to take risk for h1 transfer as I was told that the status could changed to ‘approved’ when I get a job and apply h1 transfer.

Since I have a girl kid going school here, I don’t want to go back to India for h1 stamping just in case even my current h4 get denied.

With 9 years work experience from India, I’m done enough to stay home though I finished couple of certifications while I was searching employers.

Could you help me how to fix the change of status or how to convience the employer?

Thank you.

What is your current status? h1B or H4?

You are talking about 2017 H1B consular processing? How have you stayed in US after your H1B was approved with consular processing in 2017?

I’m in h4 dependent visa. Not consular processing.

You have to go out of US to get the H1B visa stamp or file another H4 to H1B COS application.