H1B Approved, H4 extension and H4 EAD extension pending: I-94 extension options

Hi Anil / Amtech friends: I need your help on my case

  • My H4 and H4 EAD extension filed on Aug 26 along with my Spouse H1B
  • My spouse H1 approve on Sept 10th for 3 years
  • my H4 visa (i-94) and H4 EAD expired on Nov 15h.
  • I have filed expedited request with the help of congress man on Nov 8th, waiting for response from UsCIS

Questions: As USCIS allows 180 days extension of EAD if we have valid I-94

I wanted check is it advisable to travel to India to get H4 visa stamping ( I am eligible for Dropbox )?

Any risks with H4 stamping India as I already for H4 extension?

Any risks for H4 EAD extension?

My job is really at risk if I don’t get EAD in next 30 days ( right on a unpaid leave)

Could you please kindly advise on my situation?

Many thanks in advance

You can if you are able to get visa appointment. For dropbox eligibility refer below link.




Refer below link for more information.


Thank you very much. One other question
Do we need to withdraw H4 extension before leaving USA or it can be done even later after reentering the country?

Withdrawing H4 will impact your EAD application which may get denied, so I wont touch it before leaving or after entering if I were you. If your EOS & EAD application is still pending after you enter the US with new I-94 issued by CBP based on visa stamp, you can send the copy of I-94 to the USCIS center processing your application using interfiling process.