H1b business YouTube



I am trying to venture into YouTube monetization. I am on h1b and know we cannot really get any other income other than h1 employment. My question is can I use my father’s email to start a YouTube business from India and use it to upload videos ? Once monetized the money will go to his account in India so I feel this is doable without any issue?

Am I wrong in this assumption? Anything I am missing? Please let me know

If you put your face out there in all your content, eventually become a star or someone reports you - the income can easily be linked to you through your father. Doing any business on H1B is illegal and getting paid abroad for the work done/performed in USA also amounts to tax evasion. Have others done it - Yes. Risk appetite matters. Reach out to attorney for such grey areas.

Hello pankaj

Thanks for the response. I am planning faceless channels and content is mostly informative. Again we kind of hire people too create content who do not reside in the USA. instead of creating content myself. I am heading even managing content is not allowed so was trying to figure out if there is a way.