H1B case status “Document was mailed” meaning

Hi Anil,

My status changed from “Case was received” to “Document was mailed” on June 20th, 2019. What does it imply? Thanks !!

Hi @Kavisha
This usually means that the application has been approved and they have mailed the documents to you.

They don’t give the date to which the visa is extended ? That would be available once the Form comes back ? Also @Kavisha which center was the application submitted and was it regular or Premium case ?

California. Regular petition.

Today for my spouse’s H4 status is showing as “Document Was Mailed”. Does it means, approval?
However, I-129 status is still “Case Was received”

@Kavisha did you get the documents? and was it an approval?
I ask since I also got the same status update. Only difference being I got an RFE and we haven’t replied to it yet

Sorry to say this but this doesn’t confirm if the case is approved. My colleagues status was showing similar as document was mailed but later it was denied.

Even for me, the current status seen until today is Document was mailed. Hoping that i may be wrong and you be right. Fingers crossed.

I haven’t received anything yet. It still says Document Was Mailed :sweat_smile:

Have the same status from June 26th or so. Still no updates.

Any update on your case?