H1b Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Check Questions & Answers

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Thanks for the article. I am here on H1-B visa and for 2018, i got ITIN for my wife, who is on H4 visa. Based on Form 1040 of 2018 - Tax is filed as “Married filling jointly”.

For 2019, I already picked higher amount & my taxpayer filled form 8879 for me to pay the amount I owe. I already did that mentioned in my Form 1040-V payment voucher and cleared my due.

Am I eligible to get Stimulus Bill Cheque ?


Hi @3ddynamic

I suggest to check yourself here on IRS Substantial presence test page.

Hi @Mainak_Chowdhury

You can find your check amount here based on your tax return.

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I am on H1B filed jointly (wife on H4 ITIN). When I checked “Get my payment” on IRS website it showed “According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time”.
Some website says I am not eligible because wife is on H4 (with ITIN), but some website says I am eligible to receive $1200.
Not sure though!

Got my stimulus money today. Let’s call it X
I didn’t file my 2019 taxes yet so they considered 2018 wherein I was single. Got married in 2019 so now when I check the ‘stimulus calculator’ the expected amount is more than 2X

Can I do something or claim the rest now?
Please advise!

I didn’t get the stimulus check. My situation is H1b-SSN + H4Spouse-ITIN + Citizen-child SSN. My colleague who has the same status didn’t receive single cent either.

Hi @Ajanth

Check this:

  1. IRS Stimulus Payment FAQ
  2. How to get IRS stimulus check payment?

Hi @ag4ind

IRS is processing payments in batches. If you have not received yet does not mean that you won’t receive it.

Have patience.

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Hello Anil Gupta- Thanks. In the other post you have mentioned such scenario and confirmed. Have you heard from the people who are in the same boat with me?

Your link says “This message is shown if the IRS has not processed your tax return yet. In most cases, this is happening if you have not filed your 2019 tax return yet.”
But in my case I have filed 2019 tax return and also received tax return refund.
Anyway thanks for the information you provided. Will wait and see.

Hi Anil,

I have a similar situation,married filed jointly (SSN+ITIN) and my salary is above 99k .Would this be considered as a higher threshold based on Single or would i be considered since its less than 149 k (married filing jointly )

Thanks for your help.

Hi @praveen

Calculate how much amount you can expect here.

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IRS Says H1B(SSN) + H4(ITIN) will not be eligible. your post says otherwise. Did anyone actually get money?

Q14. I filed a joint return with my spouse. Will we receive a Payment if I have a valid SSN and my spouse has an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)?

A14. No, when spouses file jointly, both spouses must have valid SSNs to receive a Payment with one exception. If either spouse is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the taxable year, only one spouse needs to have a valid SSN.

If spouses file separately, the spouse who has an SSN may qualify for a Payment; the other spouse without a valid SSN will not qualify.



Hi, I accidentally filed my 2019 tax return with spouse ITIN even though she got SSN this year. And yet to get my tax returns. Is there any possibility to be eligible for stimulus package?

People have confirmed to me directly that they have received money for H1B SSN + H4 ITIN combination.

Now, i cannot really check anybody’s account but more than 1 person has confirmed.

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Here is where some people have reported themselves too.

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Most of my friends who are Single (H1B) received their $1200 check and haven’t heard any person who received check whose status is H1B + spouse ITIN!
It doesn’t makes sense why this person cannot receive atleast $1200!
To be frank H1B + spouse ITIN will be in need of stimulus check than otherwise.

Just my thoughts…