H1B COS,H4 COS and H4 EAD approved around same time.H4 COS withdrawal request sent after H1B approval

My spouse is on F1 stem OPT which ends on July 8,2022.

Oct 27,2021 - Filed for H4-COS and H4-EAD with effective date from July 8,2022(stem Opt end date)
Feb 2,2022 - Received RFE on H4 COS and we did not respond to RFE to wait for H1 B lottery results
Mar 28,2022 - F1-H1B COS picked in lottery
May 3,2022 - F1-H1B COS approved with start date as Oct 1,2022
May 3,2022 - Submitted withdrawal request for H4 COS
May 4,2022 - H4 and H4 EAD approved even though we did not respond to H4 RFE

Can someone please clarify below queries?

Do USCIS consider H4 withdrawal request since it is already approved?
If the F1-H4 COS withdrawal request is approved by USCIS before Jul 8,2022(Stem Opt end date), what status will she be in? will she go back to previous F1 status?
If the F1-H4 COS withdrawal request is approved by USCIS after Jul 8,2022(Stem Opt end date),will she be eligible to work under F1 capgap?

They may or may not, might just ignore it.

Her F1 status will auto-expire (even if F1 I-94 end date is D/S) once OPT expires. She will have no status after July 8th unless you applied for cap-gap when doing the H1B which auto extends her EAD till 30th September. If there is no cap-gap applied/approved, she will need to leave the US after 8th July and enter on or after 1st October on H1B visa.


Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Hi, Any update on your case. Has the H1B lawyer provided you with any recommendation?