H1b Drobox Questions

Hello All,
I’m planning to visit India and I have a H1b Drobox June. The Last Stamping was done in 2017 with X Company after Reached USA I have changed 3 companies so my questions below.

  1. Do I need Submit All prior Petitions copy as part Drop Box?
  2. what’re the Mandatory documents required for the Dropbox?

If you have already scheduled your appointment and received appointment confirmation, check it. On the 2nd page, it lists all the documents one needs to carry to the appointment. That’s the most updated list.

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Sure thanks. will review accordingly.

@jayapragashd @Diwedy
My last stamping was valid till Dec 2016. When I scheduled an appointment in Oct 2022 for Sep 2023 in step 7 I was asked few questions to check if I qualify for interview waiver. There was no question about stamping expiry within 48 months at that time. I was qualified for interview waiver because

I have approved visa
I was issued h1 stamping in 2015
My visa was never rejected
No conditional entry in my passport / visa

I just want to be sure that I can proceed for this appointment even though my last stamped visa exipired 48 months before Sep 2023?

Yes, you can go ahead. There is no 48 month limit for H1B cases. If they feel interview/ten printing is needed, they can call you later.

@Diwedy Thank you so much for your response. And if they call me later would that be within few days or weeks? Would that be a walk in and if so any procedures for walk ins?

They will let you know the date and time.

Ok great. Will it be manageable within a one month vacation?