H1b drop box(221g blue) called for in person. Submitted docs, passport retained gave 221g blue with no docs requested checked

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
Below is my case, your input is highly appreciated:

Dropbox on Sep 27 at Chennai Consulate, passport returned with blue slip- extra docs.

Attended in person on Oct 10, Chennai: Asked court/arrest record which I submitted- incident happened in 2011, charges were dismissed and no conviction.

Passport retained and,
VO said: No need to schedule 1 more interview, we need to verify the submitted docs on our side and handed over 221g blue(Admin processing- no docs requested checked).

Last update on CEAC visa status: Oct 15, Passport tracking (cgifederal) changed to Document Delivery Information: blank since then.

It’s been 9 bus days since the interview and 7 bus days since last update,
what could be the reason for the delay and When can expect my passport with visa*?

Hi @H1bExtBlue

You can expect your visa and passport in about 30 business days.

Embassy has probably sent your documents for verification to some agency in USA.

Ok. Thanks for the response @Anil.Gupta.
Had no issues before with original H1b. You mean they may have sent my court/arrest docs to an agency like USCIS or FBI?
What could passport status- document delivery information: mean bcoz, I have seen online posts where people received passport in few days(1/2 weeks) after this change.

Also, If I may, would like to clarify on my wife’s h4 visa:
She received interview call for admission into a Dental School on Nov 14, can she travel without me?
Visa Details: H4, valid till Jun, 2021.

You should be able to get passport soon.

Your wife should be able to enter US if she has valid US H4 visa.

Thank for your response. This is helpful, appreciate it!

Hi @Anil.Gupta It’s been almost 3 weeks since last update and my status is still in admin processing. I rescheduled my flight 2 times already and my next flight is on Nov 13. What could be the reason for delay and will I have my passport before Nov 13?
In person interview: Oct 10
Last update: Oct 15
Since then no update.

Hi @H1bExtBlue

It is not possible for me to give you any specific date as the timeline varies with each US embassy’s own workload.
Your case is moving forward and you can expect something pretty soon.

Thank You for positive words!

Yeah I know it’s not possible to give specific date but, this wait is stressful.
Hopefully, I will have an update and done with it very soon.

During the interview I provided the VO with case related documents(arrest record, deferred adjudication guilty plea, probation termination(which also says charges are dismissed) as part of deferred adjudication, forgot to provide court disposition document that clearly says charges are dismissed. Do you recommend emailing it over to the embassy or, just wait for their decision since they have my passport and haven’t contacted for any extra documents?

Maybe I am thinking too much but, just wanted your take on this!

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Hi @H1bExtBlue

If you want, you can send the documents that you want to send. But, it is not really required if the VO did not ask for them.

oh ok. In that case I will just wait until they finish their processing since she didn’t ask me in particular about it.

Thank You!

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Last update changed to Nov1(Friday), and is still in AP.
I am little worried as I was reading in online forums like- when the case is updated it should change to Issued in 1-2 days but, mine is still in AP. What could be the reason for more delay, please advise!

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Hi @H1bExtBlue

Whatever you are reading on online forums is people’s own assumptions. There is no rule that your status should change within 1-2 days of last updated date.

You need to stop reading those forums.

Relax and wait for final result. If the visa officer had to deny your case, he would have done it immediately at interview time. But, those forums won’t tell you this.

Issuing form 221g means that visa officer has a doubt and he just wants to be 100% sure before your case can be approved.

Thank You @Anil.Gupta! Yeah reading online definitely didn’t help so, all I can do is wait, I guess.
My interview was on Oct 10, it will be 30 business days on Nov 10.
I had to postpone my flight 3 times already and, my next flight is on Nov 13, Looks like I may have to postpone again.

You are counting calendar days and not business days. 30 business days do not include weekends and holidays.

@Anil.Gupta Yeah I was counting calendar days because I thought it takes 1-30 days to finish AP when VO retains passport. So it is 30 working days not calendar days?

The 30 business days is my estimate. There is no such official number given by US embassy officially.

Yes it is an estimate. I am just confirming!

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Interview, document submission on Oct 10.

CEAC updated on Oct 15, Nov 1, Nov 19 but, it is still in AP.

I am little worried as it is 6th week or, 29th working day since my interview on Oct 10.
What could be the reason for multiple updates but, visa not issued yet? In lot of cases it changed to issued in 1-2 days after last update.

Hi @H1bExtBlue

Worrying is not going to do any good but increase your blood pressure.

Change of ‘last updated’ date is good sign and it normally means that your case is being actively worked on.

Don’t worry. You will get approval soon. Not all cases take same amount of time.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta,

You have been very supportive and realistic all along.
My visa is Issue today.

For others benfit:
Interview: Oct 10
Last updated: Oct 5, Nov 1, 19, 26
Issued: Nov 29

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