H1B dropbox appointment Chennai or any other appointments

Has anybody booked dropbox appointment in Chennai dropbox since January 2021 for H1-B renewal?

I have been checking for last few days and no slots show up, so wanted to check if anybody else have had a chance to book an appointment successfully.

Also, if Chennai consulate was selected while filling DS-160 and if slots open up in other locations (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata), can one appear at any dropbox locations or should stick with Chennai consulate dropbox locations (Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai)?

@anil_am22 : Will appreciate if you can assist here. Thanks!

The dropbox locations are fixed based on the embassy you choose.

Hi @anil_am22 ,

I am trying to book pay fees for h4 appointment booking. But, the page is not redirecting me to the payment option.

After hitting NEFT link, I am getting only below page. Not sure, how to pay the fees… Please suggest. There is NO option to pay

Hi Anil,
Can I choose any available consulate location or it has to be the same consulate as my previous one where I got my stamping?
In your blog, you mentioned “You will not be allowed to change your US embassy selection if you have been asked to come for a visa interview after dropping
your documents.” but can we select any US embassy in India before dropbox date?
Asking because I am in India and selected Mumbai for my dropbox(that was the only available option at that time), but all my previous stampings were done at Chennai.


You should be able to attend interview/Dropbox at Mumbai. I don’t see any issue.

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