H1B dropbox appointment with H1B transfer in progress

I am employed with Company A. I have a previous expired L2 Visa. I am currently working with approved I-797A petition from Company A. I have scheduled visa dropbox interview in August. I am going to accept an offer from company B. They will start H1B transfer as soon as I accept the offer.

I have not resigned from Company A and I am planning to use current company I-797A approva to get the visa stamping. I know that it is not suggested to travel during H1b transfer but getting an appointment is very tough and I dont want to waste this appointment.

Can I go ahead with visa dropbox interview? What are the risk involved here?
Will there be any problem at consultant if they see that there is transfer petition in progress?
What will be implication if I am in India and if my H1B transfer is approved before / after my H1B dropbox appointment. I found that it is possible to get i797b without an I94. However I am planning to enter US (after visa is approved) with my current employer i797a petition. To join company B do I need to come back and get consular processing?

I would suggest doing premium processing for transfer, get approval and join company B, update DS-160 with new I-797 and then go for stamping.
Entering on company A I-797 to work for company B is not advisable.

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