H1B Dropbox approvals in 2023

Hi Anil,

Hope you are doing great. I had an issue last time around 3 years ago when I came for visa Dropbox in 2020 Jan.

I dropped my passport and all the documents on 16th May. It’s been already more than a week, but it says “No Status” on CEAC website.

Usually how long is taking in recent times in 2023 Apr/May for approvals and also changing the status to “Application Received”?

Any help on this is very much appreciated.


The status so far:

16th May 2023: Dropper documents (No Status)
26th May 2023: Application Received

On 31st the case got updated but status doesn’t change though. No update after that.

Does consulate updates cases on Saturday as well?

It seems Hyderabad consulate cases are taking more time, is there any timeline anyone can suggest based on your experiences?

Hi Team,

Today on June 5th, case got updated again but there is no change to the case status. Is this recent trend that they are taking more time and updating status multiple times?

Any further insights on this is very much appreciated.


Its normal. There is no fixed time frame.

Case update is positive sign. Don’t worry, you will get it soon.

Thanks Anil for assurance :blush:. Case got approved yesterday, waiting for the passport now. But, Hyderabad consulate is taking more time than other consulates in India.

Thanks again.

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Hi Anil,
VISA status changed to “Issued” on June 9th. I have a return flight booked on Thursday i.e., 15th early hours. Do you think I will have the passport available to pickup by then. This is for Hyderabad consulate. Hyderabad consulate is having lots of delays so, I am bit anxious. Any help on this is very much appreciated.

If Status is “issued” then you will get it within 2-3 days.

Thanks. Do you see if I need to cancel or postpone from 15th June flight ?

Picked up the passport on June 12 - next working day after VISA has moved to “ISSUED”. Thanks again.