H1B Dropbox eligibility (48 month rule for 2023)

I apologize for tagging you. I saw you responding to a similar post.

My last stamping was valid till Dec 2016. When I scheduled an appointment in Oct 2022 for Sep 2023 in step 7 I was asked few questions to check if I qualify for interview waiver. There was no question about stamping expiry within 48 months at that time. I was qualified for interview waiver because

I have approved visa
I was issued h1 stamping in 2015
My visa was never rejected
No conditional entry in my passport / visa

I just want to be sure that I can proceed for this appointment even though my last stamped visa exipired 48 months before Sep 2023?

Hi @Gmkari

Did you try this Dropbox eligiblity app?

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The system assessed that you are eligible for dropbox so yes you can proceed.


Yes I did check and it says I am eligible for interview waiver.