H1B Dropbox Eligibility

Hi @anil_am22 @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Last week I moved to USA on H4 VISA from India.

My H1B Got picked and got approval yesterday for 2023.

Could you please confirm
1)Am I eligible for drobox or do I need to go back to India for interview?
2)If am I eligible for drobox can I do it from USA?

Did you check Dropbox app for eligibility? You cannot get your dropbox done from USA.

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Talk to your employer/immigration lawyer and check if it was approved with change of status and if not your employer can file H1B amendment in premium processing for change of status so you dont have to go for stamping.

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Thanks for your response Kalpesh, I didnt get what is the meaning of change of status here. This is the first time I got H1B approval.

There is no previous refusals and I have H4 visa valid till March 2023.

If I am eligible for dropbox, can I go to Canada for drop box appointment or need to comeback to India for dropbox?

You can change status from one non-immigrant status to another, for e.g. H4 to H1B if you are already in the US.

I have checked the Dropbox eligibility in DropBox app and it is showing that I am eligible for it and I don’t have any refusals or 221g in the past. My H4 visa is valid till March 2023. For DropBox, which country do I need to go documents submission? Can I go to Canada? I am Indian citizen and presently staying in USA.